TLP: Mark Sanford Trades Time on One Trail for Another

sanford teevee
A few years ago, Mark Sanford was expected to be in the current Republican field for president. A detour on the Appalachian Trail settled that, but the former South Carolina governor has found a way to have a political presence during the campaign.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina may have not have been able to run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination after his 2009 cheating scandal, but he will at least get to talk about the campaign on national television – as a paid contributor on Fox News, the Caucus has learned.

A network spokeswoman confirmed that Mr. Sanford, once considered a potential Republican presidential contender, has signed on with the network. While he is certain to appear prominently at the debate Fox News is holding in South Carolina in January, he will appear well before that and will stay on with Fox even beyond the general election.
After that summary of Sanford's largely meh hiring, the Times posted twice as many paragraphs about his scandal. More than two years after the fact. Just think what he'd have been in for if he was actually in the race. Makes a guy want to lace up his boots.

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chairmanben said...

Times right for another DC sex scandal to liver up the voting season. Who will it be. "Bonner" reaching across the aisle with Pelosi. Shudders.