TLP: Otherwise Occupied

credit: Nadav Neuhaus, New York Times Magazine

I haven't given much thought to the whole Occupy Wall Street happening, mainly because it seems like a supremely lazy, and therefore completely acceptable, way to spend time. The fact that it seems to have started out as pretty aimless also rates as a plus.

But seriously, kids these days. The NYT Magazine featured a photo, shot at 4:30 a.m. in the McDonald's (sticking it to The Man!) near Zuccoti Park, of a couple of protesters telling their stories.
Core Jones, 20:

"I agree with the Occupy Wall Street demands. I'm a college student working for my education. Both my parents are cops, and I split the tuition payments with my father. I get paid about $300 if I work 20 hours at AutoZone in Brooklyn. They give me good hours, so it's $717 a month. But when I get out of broadcasting college, what job am I really going to get? I may have to go to Kansas just to get a normal job with low pay, and that frustrates me. I want to stay in New York. I was born and raised here."
Got to give her credit: she's working to pay for school and doesn't outright demand a free college education from anybody, unless that's what she means by agreeing with the Occupy demands. And her dad the cop, a former Freedom Rider, is cool with her being part of the protest. But Core, I've got to break it to you, you're going to be lucky to get that "normal job" in Kansas after you get out of "broadcasting college." Do you think CNBC is waiting for you to graduate so they slide you into Erin Burnett's old slot? Get ready for all kinds of idiocy in local teevee, wherever you end up, and, yes, low pay.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on Core. After all, she has a job, is in school and has ambition. For someone with none of the above, check out this dude.
Brandon Watts, 19:

"I came here because it felt like something I could help out with. I've been arrested eight times so far this protest. I have a bruise from the Brooklyn Bridge march. I caught cops on a bad day, a bad week, and they did stupid stuff. The police threw me over the barricades. Literally, they just picked me up and tossed me, but I got away.

"I’m doing well now, though. I drank six Four Lokos with Core, a beer or two. And then we ordered an iced mocha and two chicken fingers and large fries. I lost my virginity today. I was amped for it."
Uh, what can you say about all that? Have at it in the comments if you have any thoughts. I'm speechless. Or just lazy.

For the record, Core promises that she didn't take Brandon's precious virginity. For his sake, it better not have been this chick.

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