TLP: Why Bother with Costumes When the Campaign is a Horror Show?

halloween campaign
Predictably, the news media coverage of the presidential campaign can't resist a little Halloween spoofing here at the end of October. But based on this pathetic rundown of the candidates by HuffPost, the better idea would have been to stay in and hand out candy.
We're nothing if not here to help. So we've come up with some suggestions for Halloween garb for each of the people running for president in 2012. What do you think? Did we miss anyone, or do you have any better ideas? Vote for your favorite and let us know your thoughts!
You're looking a little desperate with the exclamation point, there, Arianna. But here's a thought: make your suggestions a bit more 2012. These? Kinda dated. Don King? Gandalf? Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Governor Half-Term? And how lame: making up a pseudo-Nazi (?) character for Mitt Romney. Whatever. None of it's as scary as the actual campaign, which you already know if you've been watching the GOP debates. ("Anderson? Anderson? Anderson?")

Count us as being bored by it all. Except for the chick in the tiara and the network quality control failures. We gave up on Halloween cleverness (Barackula, anyone?) when the witch melted. That was last Halloween, when JDA showed up in DC, a long-running, real-life horror show.


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