Why Does Netflix Need Lobbyists?

If you ever doubt that the Washington lobbying machine is too big, let this convince you that it is, in fact, the beast we fear it is.


Netflix’s need for representation in Washington is growing as it closely watches issues — from online privacy and broadband pricing schemes to postal cutbacks and patent reform. To that end, the company has ramped up its lobbying spending. So far this year, Netflix has spent $190,000 on lobbying, according to disclosures. It’s hired Franklin Square Group, Kountoupes Consulting and Monument Policy Group.

So Netflix is buffing up its presence in Washington. Just what we need, more rats scurrying around the Hill with comically sized checks for Congressional asshats.

Unfortunately, since I am a resident of Washington, DC, I ironically do not get any Washington presence. Sure, if I had a few hundred thousand to throw around, I could hire my own lobbyists but who has that kind of money?

Did you read that? I DON'T HAVE WASHINGTON REPRESENTATION and I live here.

Anyone else get what's wrong about that?

Jr Deputy Accountant

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GuestERNIE said...

My guess their representation regarding the Postal Service, and the sinking boat that it is. Netflix has already been bitching about the cost to send/receive a DVD from a customer, and the subsequent price hikes. Imagine the low cost of the Postal Service just going away, how do they get the DVDs to the customers? FedEx? UPS? Cripes, that's probably about $3/4 round trip. In turn, their whole DVD business model is in the toilet without restrictions to amount of DVD a customers can receive in a month or more price hikes.

I get what you're saying about every Tom, Dick, and Harry Corp. having lobbyists, but the Postal Service is handcuffed to the interests of Congress. That's a fate I don't wish on anyone.

Anonymous said...

It always comes back to those lazy, coddled mailmen.


GuestERNIE said...

When you control the mail...You control...INFORMATION!

Anonymous said...

We need the FCC to impose Mail Neutrality and the Mail Fairness Doctrine.

bdoran said...

And why are they paying Congress?

A business will pay equally as often protection money as to advantage themselves. A huge regulatory state means a lot of payoffs, that's Human Nature. All power corrupts.

I think the blame lies more with Congress than Netflix, or any business or sector.