Why the F*** Are We Here?

I came across this SF Citizen post from March 2009 again tonight by total random coincidence. The post caught me at an anti-Iraq war rally in my "Bernanke 00%" T-shirt (yes, I still own it), and it made me think about how far we've come since I first jumped on this "movement." The last time I was actually out there protesting this bullshit was March of this year, when I wandered out to 20th and Constitution at 6 in the morning to find... well... silence. Silence and a lone Fed cop wandering the perimeter. The Washington Monument looked amazing at that hour, but at least I got good shots of it. Sure, End the Fed rallies in San Francisco were fun (with a clear list of demands), but what did we accomplish? Here we are 3 years later and shit has only gotten worse.

I kind of miss the days of parading around San Francisco with some variation of the End the Fed theme. We don't really get that in DC, we're kind of expected to be more adult than that. No hanging a bling dollar sign around my neck for irony. Yes, I still own the bling dollar sign too.

I still try to make it to the Federal Reserve Board to distribute flyers when I can since I live here in DC now. Every little bit counts, kids, don't you forget that.

I'm sick of it. I'm tired. I'm sick of yelling. But I have to keep doing it. If I don't, they've won. Fuck that, I didn't make that T-shirt for nothing.

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W.C. Varones said...

Our little End the Fed movement is getting a bit of momentum, eh?

Meanwhile, Herman Cain loves bubble boy Alan Greenspan.

Anonymous said...

The Fix is In - Put The Politicians' in Jail

Newt Gingrich targets Democrats who have colluded with lobby groups and the housing industry as criminals that need to go to jail. However, his logic can easily be applied to most every Republican who is Peddling influence for personal profit.


Anonymous said...

"Our little End the Fed movement is getting a bit of momentum, eh?"

If unemployment benefits do truly begin to be pared back as of January 2012, I predict that you'll be picking up a little more momentum.

Well good thing I already have the T-shirt.

chairmanben said...

Start a meetup. Fed's social media fund will sponsor kaffe and donuts.