Pepco Gets Fined... Again

different Pepco...

I would like to note that Pepco came through for me during Hurricane Irene by ensuring non-stop electric current pumping directly to JDA's Secret Lair and the surrounding hood all throughout the event. I stayed up watching the Weather Channel until 4 in the morning beginning when Irene first hit in Ocean City, MD and I was only half kidding when I said I was going to run up every electric device in my house ahead of what I assumed would be a week-long outage. Except for a few transformer explosions (which, admittedly, could have been gunshots), my juice stayed cranked all night. Even while 180,000 Washingtonians and Marylanders around me stumbled through the dark. Oh, maybe that's the problem, it isn't all about me.

The Maryland Public Service Commission is sick of Pepco's shit:

Maryland regulators fined Pepco $1 million Wednesday for failing to fix problems that have led to the frequent outages that have long plagued customers of the Washington region’s leading power company.

The Maryland Public Service Commission described the fine as its largest ever and only its “initial” penalty for the company, which it concluded failed to maintain its power lines for years, resulting in prolonged outages during storms and on fair-weather days. The commission concluded that Pepco compounded its failings by communicating poorly with customers.

What's the problem? It's only our nation's ENTIRE bureaucratic backbone on the line here if our local utility can't keep the lights on around Washington! Think about the benefit to we, the people when all those unnecessary paper-pushing government drones are forced to stay home and eat cold tamales out of BPA-infested cans. It's a win-win if you ask me.

I'm not angry at Pepco anymore. Granted, it's been almost a year since the Snowpocalypse of 2011 and my short term memory is shot so I've forgotten how much I hated them in January when they left me in the dark for three whole days. But as long as my A/C stays jacked up in the summer and my lights on during major weather events that keep me locked indoors, I'm cool with it.

Just in case, I still have 30 bottles of water and more batteries than any girl should ever have stashed away around her apartment. I don't trust those bastards at Pepco, winter hasn't even started to hit yet.

The problem with fining Pepco is that now I am going to have to fork over more money to the utility for my usual dose of juice (I use way less energy than my neighbors, according to Pepco stats which are extensive and, frankly, pretty cool to use to get an idea of what your home is or isn't wasting). Pepco doesn't learn anything and I have $3.42 less (or whatever) to waste on useless merchandise marketed at my demographic.

Regulatory FAIL.

Side note: why can Pepco afford to hook up its Maryland customers to Smart Meters (good luck with that, I saw it in California) but can't afford to hire a few brainiacs to figure out how to bury our power lines away from the dangers of heat, hurricanes, falling trees, drizzle, ice and snow? I admit I'm puzzled.

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Don't cut your beer budget yet.

In its decision, the Commission also found that reliability expenses in 2011 were increased because of “imprudent and inadequate expenditure and neglect.” Therefore, in Pepco’s next rate case, the Commission will review the 2011 and 2012 reliability spending and will disallow the increased amounts that are due to Pepco’s imprudent management in years earlier.

It's embarrassing to admit that I may have read a few utility commission rulings as a reporter. I've really tried to make up for it by being as lazy as possible ever since.

Pardon me, that should say: "Don't cut your faux fur, plush imaginary animal and cat toy spending yet."