TLP: In This Economy, You Do What You Have To Do, Even At $4.99 A Minute

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It makes sense that the number of mothers in the workforce would increase once the school year starts. Put the kids on the bus and head off to Old Navy to sell clothes, put on your red polo and stock shelves at Target or tap your inner barista at Starbucks.

Or slip on a headset in your home office and start talking dirty. Dirtier when the economy sucks.

ABC News:
In the last 18 months alone, the number of mothers of young children pursuing sex work has jumped 400 percent, according to, an organization that helps mothers find work-at-home jobs of all kinds, ranging from writing assignments to telemarketing.

Chris Durst runs Durst has tracked the working habits of moms for more than a decade, and, while she says there's always a spike in the number of moms pursuing phone sex work after Labor Day, the last two years have shown unprecedented levels of interest.

The reason, she says, is the dismal state of the economy.

"Most sound a little embarrassed," she told "Good Morning America" of the moms who reach out to her, in search of phone sex work." "They say, 'I've tried everything. It's come to the point my family is on food stamps. We can't make the rent and are facing foreclosure. This is the fastest way for me to get my family back on my feet again.'"
They wouldn't be the first to do whatever it takes to make it out of the recession. Nor for it to involve jerking off.

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