TLP: The Real News Is That Iowa Democrats Were Working

occupy iowa
This is entertaining for no other reason than there is no Democratic contest in Iowa. Seems a throng of 12 protesters from Occupy the Caucus blocking the doors to party headquarters in Des Moines became a little too much for the staff to handle (or ignore).

Unlike more than a dozen arrests this week at the campaign offices of the Republican presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Representative Ron Paul, where officers joked with protesters and the news media were allowed to watch the arrests up close, the tone was formal. All bystanders had to watch from the fringe of the property.

While all the arrests were made peacefully, the change in mood suggests an early, if subtle, indication that the patience of the police, protesters and campaign staff members may be put to the test in the coming days.

“I’m not going to have my people stuck in there,” said Sue Dvorsky, the chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party, who tried to reason with protesters before the police arrived.

Norm Sterzenbach, the executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party, grew angry that protesters were stepping on the flower beds in front of the building and accused them of “threatening behavior” for barricading the doors.

“They moved this to a different level,” he said, comparing it to an earlier protest that month.
So sensitive, these Democrats. You'd think the Republican campaigns, primed to go off at the slightest provocation, would have reacted more harshly.

Who knows, maybe it was the flowers.

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bdoran said...

The Republicans have to watch their public image with MSM about. The Dems can get away with almost anything.