TLP: Whatever Happened To 'Will Work For Food?'

weed man
And also, all together now, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Let the NYT spark this one for us:
He calls himself the Weed Man, and he has become a familiar presence in Times Square, standing near Planet Hollywood and holding aloft a placard that stands out even in this part of the city.

“Help!” the sign, in green letters, reads. “I Need Money for Weed!”

The man, Joshua Long, has become a favorite of some tourists who pose for pictures with him and stuff dollar bills into his hand. But some police officers in Midtown have taken a dim view of his entrepreneurial spirit and, perhaps, the words that further it; they have arrested him several times while he was displaying his placard.
But there's good news for the Weed Man this week. A judge told the police to chill, dudes. As long as Long doesn't block the sidewalk or otherwise break the law, he can stand there with his sign and accept the generosity of passersby.

Seriously, why didn't I think of that?

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