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So, there's nothing not to like about blogging here at JDA. The hours are great, I get to write about almost anything I want to, we visit exotic places and the beatings are just right. I counted on a lot of that when I took the job, but one thing I didn't expect was the fun of poking around behind the scenes.

Everyone who has put politics and the Internet together in the last few years knows that Santorum is much more than a guy who thinks he can be president. And, really, Rick Santorum knows all this and still does things to perpetuate it. And of course, he's not the only one.

Roll Call:
Congressional staffers control the content on Members’ websites. They control Members’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can even manage Internet search results by buying ads and using search engine optimization techniques.

But Hill staffers can’t control what people wonder about their bosses.

The latest trend in helpful Web search technologies is quietly causing headaches for Members of Congress and those who manage their reputations. Search engines such as Google now offer suggested search terms that appear in a drop-down menu as users begin typing.

Those search terms, formulated partly based on what other users are searching, often serve up all kinds of negative associations about Members of Congress — from keeping gaffes alive to raising sexual questions — and there’s not much politicians can do about it.

Look no further than Rep. Alcee Hastings, who was impeached by the House in 1988 and removed from his job as a U.S. district judge in Florida after being charged with bribery and perjury. Though he was later cleared of charges and is now a respected voice on human rights issues, someone typing his name into Google today might think the Florida Democrat had been impeached again.
Believe me, people who go online looking for information about politicians don't need suggestions. What some of them clearly need is help. A random look at some of the search terms that have brought Googlers to Jr Deputy Accountant:
Rick Perry sexy, John Edwards hair, Ron Paul hipster (coulda been JDA), Chris Christie naked, sexy Sarah Palin (promise this was not me), Ron Paul newsletters "hate whitey", Al Gore carbon credits company, Why Ron Paul is good (this must have been WCV), Ron Paul sexy (oh, wait, maybe this was WCV), nailin Palin, Mormon underwear
And it goes on, constantly, in the most entertaining way. People want to know what they want to know.

But if you're asking the Internet, "how much meat does Mrs. Wang need?" then this may not be the place for you. On the other hand, if the sentiment is, "hey motherfucker fuck you," then you really ought to bookmark us.

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