Washingtonian Suggests Broke European Nations Should Sell Their DC Embassies For Much-Needed Cash

I admit I've neglected my last 4 issues of Washingtonian. And in January's, I didn't really care for the Best of H Street because I rarely go there. In SE, you have a few options; Oxon Hill, Alexandria or maybe out in the Maryland burbs near work. I could have paid twice as much for half what I have to live near H Street but I picked better hardwood floors and a parking spot over a cramped NE address just to say I had one. Why pay that much to live in a warzone not much better than my own (no judgments for those who prefer that and can afford it but I basically write for a living, I don't know what you want me to do)? The great thing about "dangerous" old SE is that no one wants to gentrify here (excluding the comfortable areas directly around 295), so I don't also have to deal with impending Whole Foods on top of sketchy behavior. Suck it, DC hipsters falling over each other for NE addresses, I saw that happen in SF in 2000 and it didn't end well. Not to perpetuate stereotypes that certain quadrants are worse than others since SE also includes Capitol Hill (if you ask me, the most violent place in the entire country) but I think we know to which SE and NE I'm referring when I use the term warzone.

Anyway, except for the riveting Capital Comment article on Obama with a beard, the standout in the latest magazine was "For Sale: Want Our Embassy?"

Mary Clare Glover lists the Ireland, Greece, Spain and Italy embassies in Washington at assessed and market value. Ireland could potentially make $12 million for giving up its Mass Ave NW embassy which, coincidentally, was built in 1924 for Federal Reserve Board member Frederic Delano.

Greece has a whole compound on Embassy Row that could net them $30 million - at the way this city's property value is going, Greece might actually be smart to hang onto that for awhile.

They could turn it into a Whole Foods!

While we're on the subject of Capital Comment, please don't miss this 21-year-old Corcoran student's representation of her Arlington-to-Georgetown commute, which sounds a lot like my SE-to-Columbia nightmare, just a little nicer because it isn't as long as mine.

It's obviously all a warzone if you ask me. Except DC just hasn't figured out yet that the money isn't real. See also: the $3.4 billion DHS compound that isn't even finished.

I'll be hanging out over here in the "safe" part of town when that realization hits, thanks.

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pinkyswear said...

Delano's house is the ambassador's residence, not the embassy.