Confirmed: USPS' New Marketing Plan Sucks

Aha! Although I was berated by mailmen and mailchicks (is that the correct term?) across the country for daring to say that the USPS' new marketing plan blows, CBS News has confirmed what I already knew, it sucks.

Check out this juicy little bit from "10 companies with insanely bad marketing":

New U.S. Postal Service commercial. There's a new U.S. Postal Service TV commercial where the narrator says, "A refrigerator has never been hacked. An online virus has never attacked a corkboard. Give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides. With mail. It's good for your business and even better for your customers." Really? Spam customers with junk mail so they can hang it on the refrigerator door? Really? Does marketing get any more desperate than that?

See? SEE?! I told you. Stupid.

Apologies may be sent C.O. JDA, Washington, DC, 20032. Thank you.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Malcolm Mailman said...

What's your address? I'm going to shit on your lawn.

I live at 20th and Constitution NW. Big marble temple, can't miss it. Make sure you eat some corn on the cob and Taco Bell before you come over.

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