DC Cops Piss on the Constitution, Kill Army Reservist's Fish In the Process

Nancy Pelosi will beat your fucking door down

This story is so bizarre that you have to read the entire thing as it just gets worse as it goes on. By the time you get to the end, your mouth should be positioned just above your laptop's trackpad, solidly agape.

Here's what happens when a depressed Army reservist accidentally calls the National Suicide Hotline and ends up in jail, his house torn to pieces by DC cops:

A depressed Army reservist who made a phone call for help says dozens of police responded by surrounding his home and arresting him, vandalizing and searching his place without a warrant, seizing his dog and killing his tropical fish.

Matthew Corrigan, who lives alone with his dog, sued the District of Columbia in D.C. Federal Court.

Confronted with a massive police presence after his plea for help, Corrigan says, he denied officers permission to enter his house, but they entered and trashed it anyway, saying, "I don't have time to play this constitutional bulls**t!"

That sounds like a fucking script, is that even possible? Oh but it gets worse:
Corrigan says he spent three days in the VA hospital, because "having weapons pointed at him upon leaving his apartment triggered his PTSD hyper-vigilance and caused irregular heartbeat."

After he was released from the hospital and determined not to be a suicide risk, Corrigan says, police arrested him and put him in jail, where he remained for almost 2 weeks.

"When Corrigan returned to his apartment 16 days after being seized, he found that John Does I-XV had left the front door unlocked and unsecured, had left the electric stove on, had cut open every zipped bag, had dumped every box and drawer, had broken locked boxes from under the bed and the closet, and emptied shelves into piles in each room. All his tropical fish in his 150 gallon aquarium were dead."

Corrigan seeks more than $500,000 in damages for constitutional violations.

If this doesn't scare the shit out of you right now, it should.

The solution? Those of us in DC leave, surrendering it to the government. Or the government seizes all 10 miles square, one by one. Your choice, America.

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ubu roi said...

"Information Transit got the wrong man. I got the *right* man. The wrong one was delivered to me as the right man, I accepted him on good faith as the right man. Was I wrong?"

I hope the police get hit with a fat lawsuit, so I can pay higher taxes.

Who to blame? Asshole cops, bad training, entrenched and un-firable bureaucracy, stupid protocol stemming from lawyers and chickenshit officials, gun-grabber hysteria, drug war endgame; so many places to begin and end.