Ron Paul Trolls Ben Bernanke On The Fed's Devaluation of the Dollar... Again

Zero Hedge repeats what JDA has been saying for years:

The punchline: "The Fed will self-destruct anyway when the money is gone" - amen. And ironically letting the Fed keep on doing what it is doing will achieve that in the fastest possible way. In fact, letting the system cannibalize itself with no further hindrances may be the best option currently available - just go to town.

This is why I said years ago that we should leave the Fed alone. Let them write their own finale, as they certainly will if they continue on this path. There is no way out. There is no solution to the problem as they are the problem.

The funny part is I've seen Ron Paul hand Bernanke his ass plenty over the years but it appears as though Bernanke has finally figured out a way to explain to the esteemed Representative from Texas that what he's doing isn't toxic to our economy without stuttering through his defense. Still, Zimbabwe Ben dodges the question and invites Dr Paul to own all the gold and silver he cares to, completely ignoring the real question posed by Dr Paul which is, of course, "what the fuck are you doing to America's money supply, you bastard?"

The video can explain far better than I can.

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