TLP: Rick Perry Seems To Have Some Free Time, Maybe He Can Help

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What's that lame line about how to tell a conservative from a liberal? Something about conservatives are just liberals who've been mugged? Whatever, I'm too lazy to look it up.

I've got a new one, though. What do you call a Republican who talks about her unemployed husband's predicament to the Democratic president, who then tries to help the guy get a job? Bitch comes to mind. Maybe asshole.

AP via HuffPost:
President Barack Obama may help Jennifer Wedel's husband find a job. Whether he gets her vote is another question.

Two days after Obama talked with Wedel during an online town hall and offered to take a look at her unemployed husband's resume, Wedel says the president has followed through.

Wedel tells The Associated Press she got a call from a White House official who told her Obama made a point of making sure the matter was taken care of and that the resume was sent to contacts in the couple's Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now Wedel's husband has been contacted by several recruiters, and Wedel says she's grateful.

But Wedel, a Republican, says that may not be enough to get her vote unless Obama also improves some of his job policies.
Some of his job policies? Sounds like Obama's got at least one fairly customized Wedel-specific job policy.

I'm going with asshole.

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Anonymous said...

lobotomy! lobotomy! lobotomy!

Anonymous said...

The comment had to have come after the procedure. Gym music once you get past the intro. Gonna fuck that heavy bag up.

Anonymous said...

"But Wedel, a Republican, says that may not be enough to get her vote unless Obama also improves some of his job policies."

Maybe he should try banging her.

Something tells me she'd bitch about that, too. Even if she liked it.

Bill said...

Comments on the picture are hilarious! You have the most awesome graphics and commentary.

Anonymous said...

It's just impossible to please some women. Get 'em a big dildo and go fishing, I guess.

W.C. Varones said...

This story is quite illustrative of the difference between Ms. Wedel and Mr. Obama.

She has principles, while he expects to retain power via patronage and handouts.

Interesting that a former mainstream journalist would tend to frame it the same way Mr. Obama does.

"Principles" or simple politeness might have prompted Ms. Wedel to STFU when the reporter -- not Obama -- asked if his response to her pleas would affect her voting plans. Instead, she chose to criticize him.

Anonymous said...

If she had any principles, she would have declined Obama's offer to review her husband's work credentials instead saying "No thanks, we believe in pulling ourselves up by our own jock strap when we get knocked down". She's like a lot of these "pufferfish" people - big loudmouths when things are going ok but big complainers and fault finders when they get knocked on their asses - often when they get knocked on their ass over their own previous stupidity and reckless actions.

Anonymous said...

Barry should have found his ass a job in the North Dakota oil patch (which has PLENTY of work for anyone willing to move there and bust ass) and told her "Hope you enjoy -20 degrees in February... and living in an RV parked at Wal-Mart...bitch".

W.C. Varones said...

Reminds me of CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen lecturing Chicago Tea Partiers that they should shut up and be grateful because Illinois gets plenty of pork from Obama.

Agreed. Susan Roesgen (who?) is toxic. Her interview technique sucks because she made herself the story and she apparently paid for it. Journalism wins.

Doesn't change the fact that Jennifer Wedel acted like an ungracious, ungrateful bitch and/or asshole when she asked the president for help and got it.

I can't believe you had the audacity to use that picture on my website.

You're lucky I'm not a communist.