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Sometimes when I'm lounging on the Secret Lair couch, JDA indulges me by turning on MSNBC (she's more inclined to outlets like RT) and we usually wind up watching Lawrence O'Donnell. Maddow is too impressed with herself, or at least impressed with how she sounds talking, and what we've seen of The Ed Show is just unwatchable. Pretty sure he was a radio guy; might have been a better move to stay there.

Anyway, O'Donnell is a writer, so there's an appeal to his presentation, even when there's a bit of a schtick involved. JDA called him out the other night for being over the top — about most everything — and I had to agree. The way she put it: no one can be that worked up all the time.

Now O'Donnell has been busted by Politifact for one of the network's "Lean Forward" promotional spots. HuffPost pointed it out:
In one of the many ads, O'Donnell discusses the 1944 passing of the GI Bill. Politifact investigated O'Donnell's claim that critics called the GI Bill welfare. "It’s the most successful educational program that we’ve ever had in this country — and the critics called it welfare," O'Donnell said in the ad.

Politifact rated this statement "mostly false" after reading a reporter's 1949 article that detailed the bill's roots, looking through commentaries from the early 1950s, and speaking to multiple historians. Overall, Politifact said, "There were concerns aired as Congress debated the matter that the unemployment benefits would lead some beneficiaries to laze around. But we ultimately found no evidence of critics referring to the GI Bill as welfare. O’Donnell’s claim rates Mostly False."
At least MSNBC admits to leaning. Good thing, since they aren't fair and balanced, either.

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They had an economy and a world to rebuild - there were jobs. And no competition.