TLP: Wouldn't Have Been the Same If They'd Offered Him a Heineken

commie hipster
His clothes didn't do it. His haircut didn't do it. Maybe his glasses would have. But before he checked out in December, Kim Jong Il got his hipster card punched in classic style.

AP via HuffPost:
In his last public appearance, late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il went shopping.

He peered at the prices affixed to shelves packed with everything from Pantene shampoo to Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. And he nodded his approval of Pyongyang's version of Walmart, which was soon to open courtesy of China.

The visit played up a decidedly un-communist development in North Korea: A new culture of commerce is springing up, with China as its inspiration and source. The market-savvy Chinese are introducing the pleasures of the megamart to a small niche of North Koreans, and flooding the country's border regions with cheap goods.
And nothing says cheap goods like PBR.

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