The Nanny State Goes After College Entrance Exams

I showed up hungover to one of my college entrance exams and did amazing - and yes, it was really me - and look where it got me. No one carded me when I took the exam 90 miles from where I went to high school, using the exam as an excuse to go on a half-week long excursion away from home.

I digress.


Students taking college entrance exams this fall will have to submit photo IDs with their applications — a key security upgrade after a widespread cheating scandal at a number of high schools on Long Island, a prosecutor and testing officials announced Tuesday.

The security change is one of a number of initiatives after the arrest of 20 current or former high school students accused in the cheating scheme. Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said some of the students were paid as much as $3,500 to stand in for other students taking the SAT, a key barometer for many colleges determining admissions.

Well wait. For them to take such drastic measures, this must be a really pervasive threat to the security of the SAT, right?

Rice said 50 students were likely involved in the scheme, but she had evidence to arrest only 20. The cases against the 20 students are pending.

Remember, the government's job isn't taking care of its people, it is preserving the Government's own interests. Data collection on its own citizens is a great way to look busy.

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W.C. Varones said...

But it would be racist to require photo ID to prevent voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

How do expect them to justify raising your taxes? Have you not been to naked capitalism lately? Can't the government just create money from paper and pay for it?

Sometimes I wonder if this is all real..