Those Crazy Canadians Launch The Federal Reserve: The Restaurant

Friday, March 09, 2012 , , 2 Comments

 pic from the Cleveland Fed, not this restaurant

h/t my fellow Pollock Krupo, who happens to be one of my favorite Canadians (not that I keep favorites or anything).

Apparently, a Toronto brunch spot has launched bearing the name of a certain central bank to the south many of us are familiar with:

After a quiet opening last week, The Federal Reserve experienced a whirlwind first weekend, with Dundas West’s fevered brunch crowd gamely filling up the space (with NoNo’s and This End Up soon to open on the same strip, Dundas’s rate of restaurant openings is nearing Roncesvalles-like heights). Running the ship is a band of friends—Zach Slootsky, Duncan MacNeill, Joe Zabukovec and Adam Janes—all of whom are balancing their time at the Federal with other jobs both in and out of the restaurant industry (MacNeill’s currently at Woodlot and Slootsky, a sometime photographer, is at Swan).

Brunch? Shit, that beats getting financially assraped by central bankers any day!

The best part, as always, is the comments. Like this gem:
Is it a scam like the actual Federal Reserve?
There's really nothing more to be said here. Not until I start making mimosas and bacon, at least.

Is this at all related to the Federal Reserve brunch spot in Rhode Island?

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Wcv said...

Does the food come out of their ass like Bernanke Bucks?

Sassy Sap said...

Canadians also have a unicorn on their coat of arms. So. I mean...clearly they mean business.