TLP: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your Mailman, Just In Case

fired mailmen
I have to admit, I'm not happy with the mailmen these days. And it's not even like one of them shit on my lawn. More like difficulty with the completion of their appointed rounds.

So, I'm not feeling too bad about this report from CNNMoney:
Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said Tuesday that incentives will be offered to woo some of the 150,000 eligible employees to retire.

"We're going to offer incentives as we move from six to five day delivery," Donahoe told a House hearing on Tuesday. "It's critical to move the head count down."

Mass retirement is key to U.S. Postal Service plans to stem its financial bleeding. As the service moves forward on plans to close 223 postal plants, which could mean the loss of 35,000 jobs, it hopes to ease the pain with retirement packages to those who qualify.

More than one out of every four career employees is now able to retire, Donahoe said, and another 100,000 reach retirement eligibility in the next five years.
Of course, this being the Postal Service, money seems to be no object. CNN says there's been no announcement of what the retirement packages will cost. Guess it'll just add to the $5.1 billion loss from last year, or maybe come out of the $12.1 billion loan the mailmen took out from the Treasury.

Sympathy's gonna be tough to get.

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