TLP: And Now, Juvenile Media Bias

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 , , , 5 Comments

boner case
Poor Bill Boner. Not only is he named Bill Boner, but now the Tennessee county official faces allegations of sexual harassment. Couldn't have been bribery.

Predictably, the case has brought out the 12-year-old in the local media.


When a county property assessor named Bill Boner was accused of sexual harassment, Murfreesboro Post managing editor Michelle Willard knew her staff had to “get all of the cheesy headlines out of their system” before getting serious about the story.

She had them distribute their best, unprintable headlines, including:


“We had a lot of fun with it in the last week,” says Willard.

But staff writer Marie Kemph — the reporter on the Boner beat, if you will — says she’s working hard to play it straight.
And because I also can be a 12-year-old, I'll just say, that's what she said.

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


OldSouth said...

Is this perhaps the same Bill Boner who served as Mayor of Nashville in the 1980's and went down in flames in a most spectacular fashion?

The weird behavior pattern fits his description...

I think you've got your Boners mixed up.

But, hey, what other state can match that kind of political cock-up?

Classic story. Still Tennessee has nothing on the UK here when it comes to sex scandals and government. And besides, didn't one of your state governors (NY, NJ?) have some kind of gay affair or harassment case when he was governor?

One governor? You do know we have 50 states over here, right? So there's no shortage of scandalous behavior in high office.

You're thinking of Jim McGreevey, the former New Jersey governor who had a gay fling. But don't forget Arnold Schwarzenegger of Kal-ee-forrrn-ya and his love-child with the maid, high-priced hooker patron Eliot Spitzer of New York and the JDA all-time favorite, the Appalachian Trail-hiking former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford.

Plus an assortment from places like Nevada, Louisiana and probably some boring state in the Great Plains.

real asset investing said...

Hi LP: I do know you have 50 states:) Not sure why NJ stuck out in my mind. Actually, I once saw a movie about this governor of Louisiana (forget his name), but I gather the corruption is high. The one line I remember from that movie is the governor saying to an aide when they were in New Orleans "its a good night for prowlin' around" - I suspect there's a long history of stuff there.