Today's Darwin News: Two Teens Hit By Car While Sunbathing ON the Road

Yes, you read that headline correctly.
Two teenage girls were struck by a car while sunbathing along Donald Avenue on Saturday afternoon in Beaver County.

"I'm very upset. It's the worst thing I've ever seen," witness Nicole Beck said.

Authorities said Samantha Schermanhorn and Kaylie George, both 13, had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital after they fell asleep while tanning in the road and were hit by the vehicle.

"I jumped off the tractor, ran across the road, ran to the road," neighbor Keith Gilbert said. "I didn't get his attention in time, and he hit both girls."

Nicole and Nicholas Beck, who are Schermanhorn's cousins, said their 19-year-old brother was driving and had stopped at a stop sign before making a turn and hitting the two girls.

"They told us they fell asleep on the road, and my brother turned and hit them," Nicholas Beck said.
I'm not sure what's the stupidest part of this story, the fact that they were in the road tanning or that they were tanning at all.

While it's tragic two young girls were run over, the real tragedy is that we've reached the point in our civilized development where news like this is no longer shocking.

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Fancypants said...

Oh man. I grew up in honkeytonk land, and I'm telling you: this shit happens. It was probably a dirt road (tractor nearby) and the only people I knew who were letting their 13 year olds sunbathe in the road were the hillbillies. And whaddya know, Donald Ave in Beaver County is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. GAH. Who will save the hillbillies from themselves?