Maryland Brain-Eater's Parents Begged For Legal Fund Donations on the Day Roommate Disappeared

As the details come together in the Maryland brain-eater case, we now discover that the eater's parents had set up a legal fund to cover the costs stemming from his first run-in with the cops on May 19 when he was arrested for beating a fellow Morgan State student with a baseball bat, leaving the victim blind in one eye.

The May 25 post has now been deleted from - a "leading source of Kenyan Diaspora News and Entertainment" registered in the state of Maryland - but thanks to the magic of the Internet, we have a cached copy:

Our son, Alexander Kimanthi Kinyua, was arrested on Saturday, May 19th, for being involved in a fight in his dormitory room at Morgan State University. The charge against him is “1st Degree Assault and Excessive Endangerment of Life”. His bail has been set for US $220,000.00. In order to get him the best defense possible, we need to secure an attorney who will take his case and leave no stone unturned. We are calling on family and friends to support us. We have opened an account for his legal defense fund. The details are as follows:

Suntrust Bank
Beatrice L. Kinyua
Legal Fund for Alexander Kinyua
Acct # 1000149119025

If you can give a donation, you can deposit them directly into the account, mail them to our home address listed below, and/or call us to collect them. We are also organizing fundraising events, the first one to be held on:

Sunday, May 27th, 2012 at 3:00pm
International Christian Community Church
3406 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21213
Pastor – Rev. Canon Dr. John Karanja

We want to say thank you in advance for your support and please keep our family in your prayers.

Yours sincerely,

Antony and Beatrice Kinyua
535 Terrapin Terrace, Joppa, MD 21085-5412
Home Phone # 443-402-1335
How funny, in hindsight, that this plea was posted on the very day Alexander Kinyua's roommate Kujoe Agyei-Kodie went for a jog and was never seen again until Kinyua's brother found his head and hands in a metal bucket in the family's home the following Tuesday.

Kinyua's defense attorney Lynne McChrystal (a public defender - your tax dollars hard at work, folks) requested reasonable bail in the brain-eating case on Thursday, telling the judge that Kinyua has been in Harford County for six years and in Maryland for nine years. He is self-employed and performs consulting work, she added.

This despite the fact that Kinyua was just arrested for "randomly" attacking a fellow Morgan State student with a baseball bat. Oh sorry, "was involved in a fight."

I feel for this guy's parents, really. By all accounts, they were sweet people. But, uh, yeah, don't see any fundraisers happening any time soon.

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