The Media Must Be High on Bath Salts

Most normal people hadn't heard of bath salts up until a few weeks ago when reckless media began claiming Florida face-eater Rudy Eugene was high on the stuff when he ate the face off Ronald Poppo in Miami.

The problem with that explanation is that toxicology results wouldn't be available for weeks and despite having no evidence that the Miami zombie took bath salts, the meme grew.

I blame Armando Aguilar:
Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, told ABC News that Eugene's behavior was consistent with other incidents involving bath salts in Miami. "People taking off their clothes. People suddenly have super-human strength," said Aguilar. "They become violent and they are burning up on the inside." Aguilar referred to an earlier incident involving bath salts in which a suspect who had torn off his clothes was hit by a taxi and then beat the occupants of the vehicle. "It took 15 officers to stop him, and as he was being tasered, he was begging them to shoot and kill him."
Legislators have wasted no time cracking down on the allegedly zombie-making drug. I don't do bath salts and never have so I can't say if the fear is warranted but I can say I'm just a little more than disturbed by lawmakers' response to incidents that could or could not be related to ingesting this drug. Won't it be funny if the toxicology results come back and show Rudy Eugene was just a pot-smoking, Bible-reading guy who completely flipped out for no apparent reason?

I mean look at these lazy ass headlines.

‘Bath salts’ drug behind Miami face-eating attack could be banned in Canada Boo, what bullshit. I usually like the National Post but come on, just because one guy said it looked like bath salts does not mean bath salts were involved. Calling the guy a zombie is more realistic at this point than definitively saying he was on bath salts.

Bath salts likely culprit in Louisiana face eating attack From the article: "Police say Jacquneaux could have been high on bath salts, but they won't know for sure because no one gave him a blood test before he was taken to jail." WHAT THE FUCK. The guy could have been drunk or just pissed off. "Could have been" is not the same as "likely" and at this point, we might never know what prompted the attack.

Or how about the completely ignorant exchange between CBS Miami news anchor Cynthia Demos and reporter Tiffani Helberg:

Cynthia Demos: "The officer believes the man clearly, clearly was on some very, very powerful drugs."

Tiffani Helberg: "That’s right, Cynthia. The Fraternal Order of Police president [Armando Aguilar] tells me this crop of LSD [bath salts] is a major threat to police officers as well as the rest of us. He says it turns normal people into monsters that possess this superhuman strength and no ability to feel pain. He believes that’s what was behind the incident that unfolded here …"

LSD! Oh the ignorance.

I have my theories. Since theories are not fact (take note, media whores pushing this bath salt agenda like loyal little soldiers for the mythical War on Drugs), I won't present this as truth, just something worth noting.

After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon incident, BP dumped more than two million gallons of toxic Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico:

But what most people don't know is that the active ingredient of the toxic chemical dispersant, which is up to 60% by volume, being sprayed by BP to fight the Gulf oil spill is a neurotoxin pesticide that is acutely toxic to both human and aquatic life, causes cancer, causes damage to internal organs such as the liver and kidneys simply by absorbing it through the skin and may cause reproductive side effects.

Acutely toxic to both human and aquatic life? Man, that sounds way more threatening than bath salts to me.

Just a few of the documented effects of Corexit ingestion in humans are changes in behavior (analgesia) and effects on behavior/central nervous system (headache, drowsiness, dizzness, stuttering, coma, weakness, ataxia, slurred speech, loss of coordination and judgement, personality changes, analgesia, blurred vision, tremor, excitement, somnolence).

Democracy Now published an interview with the EPA's Hugh Kaufman that pretty much sums it up:

Well, Corexit is one of a number of dispersants, that are toxic, that are used to atomize the oil and force it down the water column so that it’s invisible to the eye. In this case, these dispersants were used in massive quantities, almost two million gallons so far, to hide the magnitude of the spill and save BP money. And the government—both EPA, NOAA, etc.—have been sock puppets for BP in this cover-up. Now, by hiding the amount of spill, BP is saving hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in fines, and so, from day one, there was tremendous economic incentive to use these dispersants to hide the magnitude of the gusher that’s been going on for almost three months.
If you look at the "Zombie Apocalypse" incident map, many of these incidents are centered around the Gulf and I-95 corridor. Not saying it's a thing, just saying it could be a thing and is worth considering.

Now, Corexit is a KNOWN neurotoxin. Bath salts, on the other hand, are a convenient ruse for a larger problem. But it's much easier to blame drugs than chemicals the EPA stood by and allowed BP to pump into the Gulf, isn't it? There are documented cases of bath salts causing erratic, violent behavior but to say every face-eating cannibal in the country is on them without seeing actual blood tests is reckless on the part of the media.

One of the best pieces I've read thus far that calls out the media for this shady, lazy and really ignorant tactic of blindly blaming bath salts because some cop said so comes via Peter McKnight in the Vancouver Sun. I will not quote it here, you need to read the entire thing.

Some drugs are bad and I think we can all agree on that point. But it's also worth noting that The Powers That Be know the War on Drugs is an abject failure that has cost far more lives than have been taken by crazed bath salt users. There are mild-mannered pot dealers doing LIFE in prison in California for selling a plant that grows naturally out of the ground. Think about that for just a moment.

Turn off the TV and turn on your brain, people, you're going need it to survive the REAL "Zombie Apocalypse" that has nothing to do with face-eating, arm-biting crazies.

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Sassy Sap said...

Where can I find info on the Corexit dump sites? I'll start looking but I figure I'll ping you if it saves me some legwork. I'd like to layer that data onto the 'zombie' map - perhaps an interesting visual.

Anonymous said...

Media whores about sums it up. Drug crazed zombies sell more rags than zombie banksters running wild while robbing the country blind.

The sad part is the sheeple are into it too, Anon. I've done 10 times as good on this post numbers-wise than I do on anything about the Fed.

Pretty sad.