Nancy Pelosi Tries to Pledge the Constitution as Collateral For Unlimited Free Money We Don't Have

I've always thought Nancy Pelosi was batshit cray cray but this just takes the cake:
“I would like to see the Constitution used to protect the country’s full faith and credit, as the Constitution does,” Pelosi told reporters Wednesday. She was endorsing the idea that Obama should use the 14th Amendment — which states that “The validity of the public debt of the United States . . . shall not be questioned” — to circumvent House Republicans who want spending cuts in exchange for another debt ceiling hike.
LADY WHAT?! Did you just say that out loud?! Is Pelosi actually suggesting that we say screw it and run up the country's credit using the Constitution as an excuse? I knew she was out of her mind but this is just out of hand.

The scariest part is that she believes what comes out of her mouth.

She wants to see Obama declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional and probably before November so they can run up the credit before they get thrown the hell out. Problem being it isn't just the dingbats on that side of aisle that want to run up the bills while they can - Republicans are just as guilty, even if they don't generally have lunatics like Pelosi running around saying as much. Hypocrites and liars, the whole bunch.

Listen, we all know the debt ceiling is a joke. Mathematically, we have to keep increasing it just to pay interest on the money we've already borrowed (I'm staring directly at you, Ben Bernanke). But does that mean letting these idiots run wild with the full faith and credit of the United States is a good idea? You see what letting them do that with a debt ceiling has done.

The funny part is Tim Geithner already tried to pull this crap a year ago, pulling out a pre-marked mini Constitution to tell Politico's Mike Allen that really, no one can threaten a default because we're Constitutionally required to pay our bills. That's great and all but eventually, the money runs out. Then what? Maybe we can auction off a few national landmarks on eBay for spare cash? Ironic how these guys only care about the Constitution when it serves their own diabolical purposes.

Buckle in, folks, it's about to get real ugly. The Mayans may have been right after all.

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