TLP: Off To Jail, And She Never Even Got To Be On 'Mob Wives'

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If you want to be a successful mobster, a colorful nickname is a must. Joe Bananas, Vinny the Chin, Matty the Horse, Tony Ducks ... the list goes on. Even Big Ange, who's lucky he died before his name lost all its, uh, class.

But reputed Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger (who somehow ended up with something like a porn star name) might as well consider himself Marion Barry. The bitch who set him up, even if it was by mistake, is going to prison.

Catherine E. Greig, the longtime girlfriend of the crime boss James (Whitey) Bulger, was sentenced on Tuesday to eight years in prison for her role in helping him elude the authorities during the 16 years the two spent in hiding.

“It’s not merely harboring,” Judge Douglas P. Woodlock said of Ms. Greig’s crimes before handing down the sentence, which also included a $150,000 fine. “It was for a long duration. It involved harboring someone accused of the most serious crimes imaginable.”

Ms. Greig, 61, sat mostly expressionless through the day’s proceedings in Federal District Court.

As part of a plea agreement in March, Ms. Greig admitted that she left Boston in 1995 to join Mr. Bulger, who had gone into hiding in December 1994. Mr. Bulger, once believed to be the king of Boston’s underground crime world, also acted as an F.B.I. informant and had been tipped off by an agent about a looming indictment. Ms. Greig said in her statement of guilt that she had used false identities to help Mr. Bulger remain in hiding.
Bulger's trial is scheduled to start in November. Plenty of time for him to come up with a new nickname.

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