TLP: Seriously, FCC, WTF?

eff the FCC

Busting out the swears on teevee is still not allowed under FCC rules, but it turns out that a warning is in order before naughty words can lead to fines.

The NYT reports on SCOTUS action:
The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to address whether the government still had the authority to regulate indecency on broadcast television, but excused two broadcasters from potential fines for several past violations of rules against cursing and nudity.

The court did not decide the constitutionality of the regulations, which have been challenged in light of changes in the media landscape that broadcasters say have undermined the rationales for limiting their free speech rights.

The case, Federal Communications Commission v. Fox Television Stations, No. 10-1293, arose from the broadcast of fleeting expletives by celebrities on awards shows on Fox and partial nudity on the police drama “NYPD Blue” on ABC. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, writing for seven justices, said the commission had changed the rules in the middle of the game.

“The commission failed to give Fox or ABC fair notice prior to the broadcasts in question that fleeting expletives and momentary nudity could be found actionably indecent,” Justice Kennedy wrote. 
Kennedy went on to say that the FCC is free to modify its policy (hint, hint) and that (ahem) courts are free to review the current or any modified policy. Of course, as long as the FCC keeps pushing this case, the supposed indecent language just keeps getting repeated. In court, in the news, right fucking here.

Which is hardly fleeting.

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