TLP: Holy WTF, Batman!


Behind the somber responses of both President Obama and Mitt Romney to the Colorado shootings, pure politics was at play. Not in the statements the candidates made, but in how the carnage jolted the campaign.

The understandable decisions by both Obama and Romney to suspend campaign activities effectively froze the race. And it happened at a time when Obama, despite being hammered for his, "You didn't build that" take on free enterprise, had the upper hand. For all the defense Obama had to play this past week, Romney was struggling under the weight of his tax returns, as fellow Republicans piled on, making that issue even worse for Romney.

The key will be when the campaign resumes and the tone the candidates strike. Romney is about to get screwed by his schedule, with a weeklong trip to Europe and Israel removing him from the trail. Can he get back into attack mode before he jets off without seeming insensitive? Watch for Obama to keep playing the role of national daddy, continuing to worry about sending his daughters to the movies and hoping that Romney never releases any more taxes.

UPDATE: Daddy's going to Denver.

The Lazy Paperboy

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W.C. Varones said...

I think you might be suffering from a bit of beltway echo chamber.

The polls haven't moved much at all -- still dead even -- and I haven't heard a single mention of Romney's tax returns outside of the Obama cheerleading media.

I'll agree on the polls, but George Will, Bill Kristol and a bunch of elected Republicans have been telling Romney to get it over with. (I'd look them up, but that would go against being lazy.)

Well maybe Romney can make a stop in Afghanistan and apologize to the family of the mother and five kids Obama's military nuked for no reason.

What makes Obama any different from the Aurora shooter? Because he uses drones to accomplish his mission of violence and destruction instead of having the balls to walk into public and do it himself? Pfft, no better than the asshole that came before him.

Every day the cameras are pointed where they want them is one more day they're not pointed anywhere inconvenient.