Jobs I DO Envy: The Person Who Gets Cussed Out By People For a Living

Now this is a real job:

Two German entrepreneurs have devised a way for passive-aggressive citizens to blow off some steam - dial a telephone number and give the person on the other end a verbal lashing.

The swearing hotline, known as "Schimpf-los" ("swear away") in German, has operators standing by seven days a week for frustrated individuals to jeer at and taunt using the most unsavory language they can muster.

"We don't judge people who are angry," said Ralf Schulte, who set up the hotline with his fellow media services provider Alexander Brandenburger.

"It happens. It's natural. With us you can blow off steam no strings attached," 41-year-old Schulte told Reuters.

I could do that all day long! Why don't we have something like that here?

Oh wait, we do. I get paid to write articles and then get cussed out by America's accounting elite Monday - Friday.

I don't judge people who are angry either but it gets a bit old when you're writing about lame items like IFRS adoption, the CPA exam and saving money in your early career and getting cussed out about all of it. I sense a little anger.

The service costs 1.49 euros per minute - a figure Schulte feels is completely justified. "For getting everything off your chest, it's a bargain."

I would completely do something like this here if there are that many angry people out there, who is with me? $5 on PayPal and you can cuss me out by text for half an hour. $10 on PayPal and you can cuss me out from a train platform in any major city. I'm beginning to see the potential in this.

There are A LOT of people out there who need to get shit off their chests in my opinion. This can only help.

Who wants in with me? I'll start on our flyers immediately!

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Dev said...

A phone-in fight club, freakin' goldmine right there. I'm in! I'll offer the Premium Catharsis Service that includes expert reciprocal cussing finely tuned to induce sweaty, panting rage that always ends in emotional victory for the customer.

Seeds of an empire, this idea. And a public service, to boot. All that safely vented wrath could reduce road and air rage incidents, not to mention domestic and workplace violence.

A phone, an ad, some ironclad waiver action for when your raging customer has a heart attack, and you're in business.