So Yeah, And Then There Were These Cats I Saved...

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately (ugh, again, I know, you guys must hate me by now... it's not like I have a real day job to occupy my days, unless you count my daily column on Going Concern that I usually pound out in my pajamas before noon) but I've had my hands full over here in Richmond.

For those who don't know, I'm a certified cat lady (y'all should know this by now). I took in my mother's elderly cat when my mom died too young at 50-something in 2010 and I've been hooked ever since. I adopted two gaywad boys from the Washington Humane Society in DC in 2011 and somehow ended up saving a NYC Animal Care and Control death row inmate I renamed Cheddar in May of this year. Luckily we moved to a bigger apartment with way more room because things were getting crowded in DC with all that fur flying.

When Hurricane Sandy completely dissed Richmond and devastated my beloved Cheddar's homeland and beyond, I got a little itchy sitting here knowing I had two big bathrooms, a great Richmond vet and plenty of Friskies to go around. So I did what any self-respecting cat lady would do and pledged to save some lives.

I left Election Day morning, stopped in my old DC hood (among Marion Barry's enthusiastic supporters in SE) to vote for Gary Johnson and sped off to Brooklyn not knowing if my trusty Mazda would even be able to get us there on one tank of gas. I should have trusted her, she's a good girl. Still, I was frightened to death of what I'd find once I crossed the southern part of New Jersey and let me tell you, it was certainly not normal. Gas lines... an empty turnpike... hardly any traffic. It was just weird.

Anyhoo, I came back to Richmond 15+ hours later with two beautiful little things busted out of NYCACC just happy to be in good hands. One was - and still is - sick with a shelter cold but she's getting better and the other I believe is lost post-Sandy as he was found wearing a flea collar and dumped at ACC just hours after they reopened on November 1st after a few days of post-hurricane closure. He's up on Craigslist but if anyone with NY friends happens to see this and you know of someone up there looking for a darling shiny black 1 - 2 year old unfixed male Bombay with stunning copper eyes, let them know I have him and he's all good here. And I'm getting his balls chopped off because that is the fucking responsible thing to do, damnit.

Our story was picked up by Life With Cats which is AWESOME but 2 cats don't even put a dent in the NY problem. To date, I've adopted 1 and fostered 3 and even that is nothing when put into perspective. At the height of kitten season, it was not uncommon for 50 - 60+ cat kill lists to come out each and every night.

I get berated a lot for being a cat lady but as anyone who has been to my house can tell you, you'd hardly know I have them except for their obviously clingy behavior. It's not a madhouse all hours of the day. Everyone gets along. The house never smells like cat piss. They're taken care of; loved, well-fed and even given a pass for clawing up my $3000 sofa every now and then because they can't help it. This is something important to me and I'm just happy to be able to help.

If you feel so compelled and want to support my mission, you can pony up a donation to All Sentient Beings, a bonafide 501 (c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal rescue and the NY rescue that scrambled to buy my Cheddar the one extra day she needed to survive the NYCACC angel of death back in May which was all it took for me to step up and save her and the people who arranged for me to fetch these two post-Sandy cats in need.

I might be out of my mind for turning my lovely apartment into cat heaven but every second is worth it knowing these guys have the time they need under a loving roof to find their forever homes. I'm hoping I can find Storm's family in New York - if they are out there - but if not, he'll probably be sticking around here until I can. The female calico I picked up with him will be up for adoption in Richmond in a few weeks once she's cleared her shelter cold and spayed and I've still got another mini-kitty tabby girl I'm fostering who'd love to find her forever home in the Old Dominion as well.

Safe to say it gets a tad crazy around my house. I wouldn't have it any other way.

And now, Storm and Tina's rescue from Richmond to Brooklyn to the tune of Roxette's "Joyride":

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