One More For the NSA on the Matter of Domestic Surveillance (Please Add This to My Citizen Archive, NSA)

Alright, these dickheads have forced me out of self-imposed retirement and I have to say something. Sorry not sorry, but this is total bullshit and fuck you guys if you actually think they haven't been tracking us for YEARS at least long before I was awake and realized they were tracking me. And you. And all of us.

I decided as soon as I realized they were doing it I would at least give them a run for their money. The sad part is we're paying them to fuck with us. All of us. Surely all of you knew that?

Let's start at the top. And it's hard to do so because I've been in hiding so long but trust me I've still been watching all this absolute bullshit. Even if I gave up long ago on changing it and yelling about it, I still see it.

So there is this Wired article written in 2012. Of course, many of us knew before then "They" were watching, because there was also Room 641a, which I lived nearby for a large chunk of my adulthood not knowing a gateway to the NSA lived in my neighborhood also (along with a lot of dope fiends and weirdos and porn stars, not surprisingly). If the fact that they have been spying on us using our own money to pay for them to do so is any revelation to anyone who reads this now, do me a favor and never come back here. Duh, right? Got that.

But do we really realize the extent of it?

How could they track a call from Tamerlan Tsarnaev to his mother BEFORE he was arrested?

It's in the code you're issued when you're born in the form of a Social Security number. I have no doubt when it comes time for me to "retire," if that ever happens, my Social Security number will just be a few numbers helping track me across my life, not some guarantee there will be money left for any of my generation to retire. I didn't even think my mom, who was born in the 50s, would have access to that money when she was set to retire but she died so I guess she doesn't have to worry about that now.

Anyway. Who is the real enemy here? Have you met them? When your own military is killing innocent women and children in other countries to get this "enemy" maybe we should have a better idea of who this is. Oh but didn't you hear the "trrrrrists" use the innocents as shields, even though there are many cases of US-controlled forces vaporizing entire innocent villages in the name of freedom. FREEDOM FROM WHAT? Surely not mine, that little family in Pakistan we set on fire from a joystick thousands of miles away in Nevada did not have anything to do with my own freedom. In fact, I resented being this "free" if this is what it represents.

And yeah, that's Internet communications too. Again, if you think our government hasn't been sucking it all up by the Gb long before you knew what a Gb is, you're stupid. Just give up now.


So. I vote we all call every number in the phone book and blow up their fucking servers. I'm going to call every number in my phone book and ask "have you heard about my cats? Let me tell you about every single one" and blow all my minutes talking about absolute bullshit.

But ask yourself this. Why would your own government be afraid of you enough to watch your every move? 

Who really cares?

And what's going to happen to you if you do?

Paying motherfucking attention yet? I'm still ready when you are. Just say the word.

Watch. Shut your fucking mouth. Open your eyes. This really isn't complicated.