Goodbye, BooBoo Kitty

Thursday, September 19, 2013 2 Comments

My mother's cat has told me it's time for her to leave this world. After nearly 17 years, which is almost half of my life.

As if losing my mom a few years back wasn't enough, I now have to let her beloved cat go. Lucky for both of us, I was able to take the cat in after my mom died and bring her along on my adventure from California to DC and beyond. Here we are in some shitty Iowa hotel room on our way to DC with everything we owned stuffed in my car:

I will miss you more than you ever know, BooBoo, but it has been such an honor to know you for half my life, and to spend these final years with you.

I love you, sweet girl, and I have no doubt my mom is waiting there on the other side ready to take your paw and hear you tell how much fun we've had together these last few years.

Run free, beautiful girl, and thank you so much for being such a light in this world.

I dedicate a song to you our pal my mom once dedicated to me on a mix CD (the kids might not know what a "CD" is, that's cool, BooBoo was born back in 1996 before there were even MP3s OMG imagine the thought).

Just as hate knows love's the cure
You can rest your mind assure
That I'll be loving you always
As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow
But in passing will grow older every day
Just as all is born is new
Do know what I say is true
That I'll be loving you always 

Did you know that true love asks for nothing?

See you on the other side, dear girl. Save me a spot.

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Gloria said...

So sad to hear this. *hugs* from one cat purrson to another.

Anonymous said...

It made me sad and happy to read your post about BooBoo. She was one lucky cat to have you as her companion.