How VerizonFiOS Hit Twitter To Solve My Most First World Problem

My actual DVR, don't judge me

I was talking social media in North Carolina earlier today with other PR/media/social media hacks like myself (don't ask why I was there, I need to see the east coast I guess) and came home to find I had both Verizon FiOS remotes downstairs. This is distressing because one belongs to my badass 2003 Sharp Aquos 20" flat screen in my bedroom, it's an old workhorse I picked up cheap on San Francisco Craigslist before I moved out east. And it still works, while withstanding my army of cats. That says something.

Anyway. NC was cool, this happened and it was great.

BUT, then I came home to two fucking remotes on my couch and got confused. That's the last thing I needed.

My plight:
Almost immediately, @VerizonFiOS is on it. Like this is actually a problem for me. Come on, clearly I'm just going First World Problems on Twitter bitching about how awful my life is because I can't figure out which remote goes with which TV and can't even walk upstairs to try both remotes to figure out which one goes with that TV. GOD HELP ME. Life is so fucking hard.

How heartwarming! @VerizonFiOS actually cares about my OCD that tells me my upstairs remote needs to be upstairs. Why are they even helping me with this? I'm laughing at this point.

At this point, I can't believe I just typed that out loud. FUCK, MY IPAD IS DOWNSTAIRS BUT I CAN'T EVEN BOTHER TO SET IT UP UGH LIFE IS HARD. Awful. I'm still loving the way @VerizonFiOS is approaching this at this point.

I think at this point, @VerizonFiOS just called me a lazy ass. Totally owning that, you're right. I like them even more now because they basically just talked shit about my First World Problems while at the same time offering to help me solve them. Whoever is behind this, they're fucking brilliant.

We ended up exchanging "I love yous" -- no joke, look -- and that was that.


I really do love my FiOS, and I really do get bugged out if my remotes aren't where they should be, but whatever @VerizonFiOS just did tonight, call me a fan.

For the record, both remotes are still downstairs and I haven't set up the FiOS app on my iPad either. Meh. Too much effort, I'm tired.