How Delta Airlines Almost Got Me Fired (and Blew Social Media Engagement in the Process)

Alright, that headline is a little incendiary (shock that JDA would do such a thing, I know) but hey, let's pretend like I'm not irreplaceable and therefore almost unfireable for the sake of the following story I'm about to tell.

As most of you know, I am Managing Editor of the #1 website among 18 - 34 year old accounting professionals in the US. What you don't know (unless you religiously stalk me on Twitter) is that I had to make a trip to Boston this week to meet up with my team and our UK handlers. Though most of us work remotely 99% of the time, meeting up as a team is really valuable, and I was scheduled to be in Boston Tuesday morning to do just that. Except Delta fucked it all up.

I'm a bit of a procrastinator (I'm still working on this, in true procrastinator fashion) so I did wait until the last minute to book my flight to Boston on Kayak but managed to do so in record time -- for me -- with my flight all set and paid for a full 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Rad. I picked Delta because it was non-stop and at the top of the cheap list, because I'm all about saving my company a few pennies if I can on a short flight.

At about 11pm the night before I was supposed to get up for my 6am flight, I got a notice from Delta. Why I was still awake I can't say, because I really should have gone to bed at 9pm to get a bag packed and take a shower and get to the Richmond airport all before dawn which is a bitch in and of itself but that was the plan. Delta called me (which I didn't see because who the fuck answers a random toll-free number that late) and then at 10:57pm, they sent me an email to say my flight to Boston was cancelled. It's cool, they were urgently trying to rebook me.

Rebook me they did. They gave me some half ass flight to NYC that would have meant me sitting around with my thumb in my ass at Kennedy and then I could get to Boston far later than I'd planned on the initial flight I booked. I immediately called Delta and explained that wasn't an option, hence the flight I booked in the first place that was my earliest chance to get out of Richmond. Of course, since they cancelled me long after the last flight left Richmond the night before, I couldn't even run to the airport and make my escape that night instead (Richmond is tiny as fuck and shuts down pretty early, if you don't know, all the more reason I want to move back to DC fulltime).

The foreign guy I spoke to on Delta customer service that night finally offered me a US Airways flight that would get me into Boston just half an hour after schedule after much eye-rolling and bitching on my part. It worked out great even though I still got into Boston late; we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule in Boston on the US Airways flight so I did save some skin (thanks US Airways!).

That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was this email I got after I bitched Delta out on Twitter the night they cancelled my flight after I had returned from my trip and had just about forgotten how Delta fucked me:

Subject was "Delta travel on March 25, 2014. Please tell us how we did." so how the fuck would I, as a business traveler totally still butthurt over my cancelled flight that barely got salvaged after I talked the customer service guy into a US Airways flight to get me into Boston on time read that and not think "how dare you people ask me to give you feedback on how you fucked my plan to get to my Boston office at the asscrack of dawn"? That isn't even a rhetorical question.

Delta finally decided to engage me on Twitter when I mentioned how ridiculous it was of them to ask me to fill out a fucking survey, and they wanted me to DM them details but I decided to do this instead. So here you go, "CS" now you are all caught up. No DM required.

For the record, my Delta flight back to Richmond from Boston was delayed but that was fair because it was windy as fuck in Boston that day and all in all the wait wasn't so bad since we all got home safely so that's something. I still don't know why Delta cancelled my flight in, I thought it was snow but we ended up being the only flight cancelled when I got to the Richmond airport that morning. I also ran into the husband of a fellow Richmond cat rescuer at Logan waiting around for our flight back to Richmond so that was cool too but damn, I won't fly Delta again from Richmond to Logan if I have a chance (and I will, because I plan to spend a lot more time up there with our Boston-area people).

Enjoy, "CS" at @DeltaAssist, this is my story. Should you need more, feel free to reach out.

My flight back to Richmond was lovely, thanks for asking. Seriously, never ask me to fill out a survey, you don't want my opinion.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Tyler Lahti said...

You were very vocal about it on Twitter. I feel for you, but i hope you don't mind that it provided me some entertainment. Some companies just haven't ponied up with their social media game yet. Bad situation handled badly this time.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a whiney, pretentious nobody who uses profanity because you cannot properly express your emotions. Planes break...get over it. It seems like Delta made a good-faith effort to get you to your destination. If your meeting was so important, you should fly the day before. If you don't want to do that, please don't expect sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Why so many F words? They make you look like an asshole.

Anonymous said...

You might end up losing YOUR job over this. Have you considered that?

Anonymous said...

You definitely curse way too fuckin' much for this reader. And how did they almost get you fired? It sounds like you almost got yourself fired by trying to commute the morning of your meeting. I think you should just stop using any form of public transportation since you have set your expectations too high. What you need is a limousine and your own helicopter.

Mary said...

Anyone who wants to know what's wrong in America only needs to read the puling of "The managing editor of the most popular blog among 18-34 year old accounting professionals." If you consider yourself a professional - I feel sorry for your profession.

Plus - you write like a 12 year old...

Anonymous said...

Accounting professional? Is that what they call the guy working cash register at 7-11 now?

pinkyswear said...

Delta treated me beautifully during the winter blizzard, but you've persuaded me to change my connection next trip through Atlanta instead of Boston. I'll be sorry if you leave Richmond but will understand completely.