Let Us Discuss Glasshole Hate Crime Victim Sarah Slocum, Because She Wants Us To

Hi, guys. Sorry I've been MIA, if you didn't get the news, I was promoted to Managing Editor of Going Concern late last year and that's a pretty time-intensive gig keeping accountants full up on news. Trust, I haven't forgotten the JDA faithful.

I have been following the story of douchetacular Sarah Slocum "tech writer" since the moment she was "assaulted" in a San Francisco bar wearing her Google Glass and have to say, she was asking for it. As a former San Franciscan, I have to ask who the fuck walks into Molotovs drunk off her ass with a computer on her face expecting nothing less than what she got? I mean really. Sorry not sorry, Sarah, but whatever you studied at UC Berkeley couldn't have possibly prepared you for the backlash you deserved rolling up on Fillmore St acting like that.

First, look at her logo. Who the fuck buys "social media services" from someone with a logo like this? Tech writer my ass, she's a failed women's studies clown sleeping in her parents' basement trying to start shit again SORRY NOT SORRY just calling it like it is. This logo is a joke. I got an intern gig at the local sign shop in Milwaukee in high school and did better logos than this. I mean really. REALLY.

OMG LOL. For real though?

And then you find out, from LA Times, that she has a history of stalking people who didn't expect they'd be recorded and you can't help but ask yourself REALLY? Really, Sarah? But yeah, you're a "tech writer" LOL even though Sarah lists herself as a "Contributing Editor" for Newsdab, which lets any clown with an Internet connection write for.

From the Newsdab "About Us":

Newsdab is the first news customization website, where anyone can be a reporter or publisher, allowing users to edit, share, read, watch and organize stories from across the web, in a social environment. The concept is to give people the ability to make headlines either by sharing links to existing content from the web or by editing their own stories. We believe anyone can be a reporter / editor / writer / publisher. The tool revolutionizes how news is produced, delivered and consumed. People hit Upload when they want to share their videos on youtube and they hit Post when they want to share news on newsdab. If anyone can be a video maker, certainly, anyone can be a reporter / writer / publisher or simply content contributor.

OMG! So any piece of shit can run a story and be a "newsmaker" OMFG where do I sign up?

Sarah Slocum, who the fuck do you think you are fooling? You aren't even a Glasshole, you're just an Asshole, and that isn't a tech problem. Good luck in your future efforts, you waste of space and Glass bandwidth.

Just admit you're a creep and we can all move on, loser. You aren't even a Glass Explorer, someone gifted you the Glass you harassed people with (and I hope they regret it now because you are truly a douche).

Hey Sarah, you can block me on Twitter because I called you out for being a piece of shit but you can't deny that you are, at the end of the day, a real piece of shit. Just own it. The sooner the better, loser.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

A friend was just talking to me and researching Google Glsss and this nightmare of a person shows up in the search. Omg, you have no idea how this nails it. .. we know loads of the same people and she is batshit cray+in general quite disrespectful/entitled.