Glenn Beck Is Pretty Sure He Can Save Silicon Valley From the Pending Douchepocalypse With Libertarianism

Uh, since when is Glenn Beck a libertarian? If he's a libertarian, I'm a Democrat.

The Blaze writes:

Glenn Beck spoke at the Launch Festival in San Francisco this week, where he says he met the “dreamers and doers of tomorrow.” Discussing his experience on his radio program Friday, Beck said many of the libertarians in Silicon Valley are as “desperate” to meet with his audience as he was to meet with them.

“These guys are desperate to reach out to a group of people that believe in a better tomorrow, believe in the power of the individual, believe that the government is the problem, not the solution,” Beck said. “They instinctively know that our audience is the audience that lives there. And they know that they can win. They know that they can beat this system. But it’s going to be tough.”

I am fairly certain "these guys" know better than to come to St Beck for their libertarian needs if, in fact, they're coming to him at all.

The "dreamers and doers of tomorrow" would be wise to avoid hot air machines like Glenn Beck and think for themselves. You wanna dream? You wanna do? Do it without clowns like Beck, who exist solely to parrot talking points and pit marginalized, brainwashed idiots against marginalized, brainwashed idiots from the other team.

Beck, stop playing. You're not on our team. We all know it.

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