Most Americans Don't Know Who the Fuck Janet Yellen Is Because Most Americans Are Idiots

You know, it's kind of funny that for all the years I hated on Ben Bernanke, my least favorite Fed president would take his place eventually. Some may think Janet Yellen is an intelligent dove but I think she's an inflationary piece of beef jerky with a pulse, and haven't been afraid to say as much over the years.

So why is it so few Americans know her name? Well, gee, maybe because they're idiots? Maybe because they don't have even the most remedial understanding of what goes on at the Fed?

WSJ reports:

Most Americans have not heard of Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published Monday.

Despite the political backlash in some quarters against the Fed since the financial crisis led the central bank to take extraordinary policy actions, most survey respondents hold either a neutral or positive view of the central bank itself.

The survey showed 70% of those polled don’t know or aren’t sure who Ms. Yellen is. In contrast, just 1% had never heard of former president George W. Bush.

Face it, we're surrounded by idiots. Idiots who breed, no less. Ima pray for us.

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clibou said...

Can't wait to see how the IPO bankers spin the adjusted Etsy metrics.

badphairy said...

A blog written by a 12 y.o. doucherocket who doesn't even explain why he hates Janet Yellen, he just does. Yeah, really enlightening there, Sparky.

colorbynumbers said...

yet you took the time to read it and then comment, where does this place you in the grand scheme of things?

The article was about how Americans don't know who she is, not why I don't like her. Try to keep up.

Dev said...

It's ok that nobody knows Yellen, at least there's a widespread grasp of the implications of the fractional reserve pyramid scheme that she's the boss of. So we're gonna be fine. Also, '12 y.o. doucherocket' that was a lol, cuz, yanno, speaking of commenting from a position of ignorance....