So, I'm Leaving Going Concern

Thursday, March 12, 2015 , , 5 Comments

I've been debating how best to handle this news and came to the conclusion it would be best to share this here. Here goes.

A little over 6 years ago, I started this humble little site. At the time, I was working in CPA review, helping future accountants get licensed. It just so happened that the economy was taking a big fat steaming dump at the same time, and hence this site was born.

Shortly after that, the folks at Breaking Media who run Above the Law, Dealbreaker, Fashionista and others thought an accounting site along those lines would be a good idea. So Going Concern was born. Its founding editor, my now colleague Caleb Newquist with whom I have happily shared the last 5+ years of our lives, was a fan of JDA and decided he wanted me on board as he assembled the GC team in those early days. A few years later, the site was sold to Sift Media, and is still there to this day.

It was August of 2009 when I wrote my very first post for that then-fledging website. I stayed on as a contributor and resident troll for years until late 2013, when I was brought on as Managing Editor.

It was a good run. GC does good work, if I may say so myself. No one else questions the status quo in accounting quite like Going Concern, and to that end, it's been great being a part of that.

Alas, tomorrow is my final day with the company. I'm not sure what happens from here or what will become of GC -- I suspect it will be, as it always has, a place for the profession to have candid conversations.

For all the crazy Big 4 farewell emails we shared over the years, I always thought when this day came I'd write a crazy farewell email myself, calling out my colleagues and stuffing in hashtags. So it's a little weird that I'm not going that direction.

Working for Going Concern for the last 5+ years, in whatever capacity, has been awesome. Most of all, I'll miss our loyal trolls. But things change and that means me moving on.

I'm not sure what's next. Consulting? Magazine work? I'm up for whatever.

Right now, I'm a free agent. The possibilities are endless. I'm going to miss the Fourth Estate of accounting I've come to know at Going Concern, but am pretty sure there's more to it than just trolling.

I plan to make the most of my last day as Managing Editor tomorrow. And then I'm off. Here's to bigger and better. Thank you to everyone who made GC what it was and made my time there so much fun. It hardly felt like work.

You can always find me on the Internet.


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Big4Veteran said...

Now Jon

El Jefe said...

I wish you the best. It was fun while it lasted..... well for me until they made you sign up to comment on GC.

AaronBalake said...

When you mentioned loyal trolls, I know you were referring to me :) Its been real, Adrienne.

Quixote said...

GC is so boring without you HG. We miss you and your baseless deletion of posts


pozzy2 said...

GC was the best accounting website I've ever accidentally stumbled across while pretending to work and it just won't be the same without you.