Forgive Me For Making Sense But the Confederate Flag Isn't Why Racism is a Problem in America

So, some nutjob gunned down 9 churchgoers in South Carolina the other day as I'm sure most of you heard. That's tragic. What's more tragic is that the focus is now on pulling down Confederate flags instead of addressing the fact that 9 people fucking died. Truth is, the fucker would have snapped with or without a flag, so why the hell is everyone so fixated on the damn flag?

Here's the thing -- you know what a flag is? A piece of fabric, strung together in some kind of recognizable pattern. Like the very dollar bills you have in your wallet now worth some arbitrary amount simply because we all are under the collective delusion that a piece of paper (or cotton/linen mix as is the case in the good ole US of A) with numbers on it is "worth" the numbers printed on its face.

Internet vigilantes (sometimes confused with "activists" or "people who actually do something when they aren't attaching to the news item of the day") are, understandably, taking a strong position on this whole flag thing, as Gizmodo reports:

Widespread anger that the Confederate flag still flew in South Carolina’s state capital, Columbia, reached a boiling point after US and South Carolina state flags were lowered to half-mast in the wake of the killings. But not the Confederate flag, which is padlocked into place.

While the growing movement began on social media, it was galvanized by a searing article in The Atlantic by Te-Nehisi Coates, “Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now,” that has since been shared more than 300,000 times on Facebook. Coates wrote:
The Confederate flag’s defenders often claim it represents “heritage not hate.” I agree—the heritage of White Supremacy was not so much birthed by hate as by the impulse toward plunder. Dylann Roof plundered nine different bodies last night, plundered nine different families of an original member, plundered nine different communities of a singular member. An entire people are poorer for his action. The flag that Roof embraced, which many South Carolinians embrace, does not stand in opposition to this act—it endorses it.

What's sad to me is that it takes some nut kid killing 9 people to get a bunch of Internet warriors worked into a lather about a flag. As if, somehow, the flag made the kid do it. Did the flag give him a gun? Did it breed him, "nurture" him, and tell him to go into that church that day and kill those people? Had the flag never existed, would he have done it in the first place? Those questions are all rhetorical. Without the Confederate flag, he would have likely still grown up to be a sick racist, and would have still killed those poor innocent people in that church that day. So why are so many stuck on that flag?

This country has an awful history. I walk along memorials marked "Richmond Slave Trail" every day when I'm working out. Slave Trail! Like hey, either we bury that shit like it never existed or, you know, we put some markers in the sidewalk and acknowledge it -- whatever we do, the fact remains that it happened and we should be ashamed of it.

Some could argue our own American flag -- the one our servicemembers fight for, the one we hold in such high regard, the one that stands for everything we believe in like freedom and opportunity and fuck yeah America -- stands for racism. Because what did we do to the very people who inhabited our great land before we got here? Oh right.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Confederate flag should fly over any state capital any more than I think my panties should fly up a state capital flagpole. But this is America, and one thing we have is the freedom to be who we are, even if who we are is a racist piece of shit, as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's right to live their life.

If a fellow American wants to fly a giant Confederate flag off the back of their jacked up Ford F150, what do I care? I'm sorry you have a small penis and are obsessed with a war the South lost long before you were born but whatever, do what you want as long as you don't hurt people.

Are we going to let one pathetic, broken, twisted person take away what makes this country great? Are we really that petty, that misguided, that divided as a country to put all our focus on a piece of fabric rather than what broke this sick fuck in the first place?

It's time to get real, America. Either you want freedom or you don't. Freedom includes the right to be a racist piece of shit (as long as you don't infringe on anyone else's right to exist, also be racist, etc) and the flag you're so upset about falls under that. As John Oliver says, it's just an easy way to tell if you're a racist asshole. Stop focusing on the damn flag and look around.

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Fiona DeLaMere said...

Swastikas didn't kill the Jews, but most people would object to having one flying over government property.

Which, if you read, is exactly what I'm saying.

Fiona DeLaMere said...

So, the government shouldn't fly the flag, but no should complain when the government flies the flag either?

Fiona DeLaMere said...

Also the reason that everyone is "fixated on the damn flag", is because it wasn't lowered to half staff like the other flags after the shooting. And THAT was because the South Carolina legislature passed a law that prevented anyone except the South Carolina legislature from lowering it.

Complain all you want, that's your right. But with or without the flag, this sick asshole would have been a racist and killed people eventually.

He probably ate school lunch too, should we go on a jihad against school lunch? He had access to the Internet, should we attack his Internet provider?

Fiona DeLaMere said...

Well, school lunches and internet providers aren't symbols of a government that enslaved six million Africans ( at the time of the Civil War ) So no.

Carl Setzer said...

As the flag was raised over the capitol in the 60s as the South Carolina GOVERNMENT'S way of saying "fuck you blacks, we aren't giving you civil rights", it's perfectly appropriate to finally pull that down. We aren't talking about some guy's back yard, but the state capitol. It's not about freedom of expression or speech, but about removing a state directed symbol of racist repression.

Silly question, but are you black, Carl? Have you ever experienced REAL racism, not just racism by proxy?

It's funny -- all the people who seem to have the loudest opinion on this matter are, in fact, Wonder Bread white folks who have no idea what racism actually feels like.

Carl Setzer said...

"Seem" is subjective. I'll let the NAACP speak: "Removing the Confederate flag in this moment is not only ethically right but unequivocally American."

Interesting ad hominem response. Adieu.

lily smith said...

Flag is not for raising racism. These both terms are two different things and I think its not the matter to fight in-spite that we should try to overcome these all.....