Louisiana Cop Shop Warns Meth Users of Very Dangerous and Definitely Not Fake Ebola-Tainted Meth

When it comes to social media and cops, tools at their disposal have led to some pretty unhappy criminals in custody over the years. Most recently in my neck of the woods, Henrico cops were able to identify a robbery suspect within 12 hours of posting CCV shots of her face all over teh Internets. And yes, you read that right, it was she. And white! OMG.

A little more well-known case is that of Donald "Chip" Pugh of Ohio, who wasn't feelin' his mugshot (who ever does?) so he went ahead and sent cops a better pic.

Pugh was arrested 10 days after Lima, OH PD posted his updated, "not terrible" selfie.

Now, back to the issue at hand. Criminals aren't the only ones getting creative with social media, as evidenced by the clever bastard behind the screen at the Grayson Police Department in Grayson, LA. The minuscule town of just 525 souls must have one hell of a meth problem if this trick is even necessary:

Breaking News: Louisiana Meth Supply Possibly Contaminated With Ebola.Meth recently brought in from Texas as well as...
Posted by Grayson Police Department, Grayson, LA on Monday, March 21, 2016

For those with script-blockers or Win 3.11 OS or Carrier Pigeon 2.4, the Facebook post reads:

Breaking News: Louisiana Meth Supply Possibly Contaminated With Ebola. Meth recently brought in from Texas as well as the ingredients used to make it could be contaminated. If you have recently purchased meth in the Grayson area, please bring it to the Grayson Police Department so it can be screened with a special device. Do not use it until it has been checked for possible Ebola contamination! 
Unsurprisingly, the public service announcement did not manage to entice a single concerned meth addict into the police department for a meth safety check. Boo.

Now, I'm no chemist but I've watched enough Breaking Bad to know that it's pretty likely any contaminants in meth ingredients would be obliterated in the cooking process, ignoring the fact that the ingredients and resulting product are pretty much one giant contaminant in and of themselves. But whatevs.

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