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I know what you're thinking, who is this Jr Deputy Accountant?

Full disclosure: I'm not a junior nor a deputy nor an accountant. I'm 30-nothing, tattooed, potty mouthed, OMG a girl! and an accidental Fed savant recently relocated to an undisclosed location in the Washington DC metro. I can't tell you why I understand what the Fed is saying 97% of the time, nor why I nerd out on Fed banks (except this one) but I do and you get to bask in it here on Jr Deputy Accountant, which began in October in 2008 after I viewed Zeitgeist Addendum September 11, 2008. You may recall the financial turbulence at that time.

I come from the obscure fringes of the accounting industry but cannot do your taxes and you probably couldn't afford my rate if I could. As the disclaimer clearly states, nothing on this website should be taken as advice, recommendations, suggestions, threats and/or wishes. You don't want to take my advice, trust me on that. You can, however, laugh at my jokes and enjoy my funny pictures. If you want to enjoy any JDA originals on your own website, you are welcome to do so with attribution. If you don't attribute, you're a dick.

Speaking of dicks, I sort of am one. I say what I feel and was fortunate to be born without the all-important censoring chip that most people have in their brains so that means you may be equal parts horrified and thrilled to read anything here. It isn't my fault things are so fucked up, I just consider myself lucky to be able to talk about it.

If you are averse to the F-word, references to porn, "assrape" in a financial capacity and/or semi-nude photos of Fed chairmen with dollar bills coming out of their asses, please leave this website and go back to the WSJ immediately. I do try to keep in mind that most JDA readers do their reading during work hours and will generally avoid Photoshopped full frontal Fedheads above the fold but I am not responsible for any consequences of accessing my questionable content during work hours. Consult your HR department or mother for more information on this, it isn't my job to babysit.

You can find me on Twitter, email me or continue to stalk me on an hourly basis, whatever floats your boat. I do my best to respond to emails but do also have a life so don't always do so in a timely manner. It isn't that I'm rude or ignoring you, it's that I have a lot of things going on. Because I am writing for your entertainment and not really getting paid to do this, you do not reserve the right to complain. If you are desperate to get emails from me, try subscribing instead. If email is not your bag, there's always RSS.

If you're looking to advertise here, you'll want to check here. As a capitalist pig, JDA is always happy to discuss the next money-making scheme as long as it's legitimate.

Questions? Don't wildly speculate, just ask. I hardly ever bite.