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Q: What the hell does "Jr Deputy Accountant" mean?
A: Good question, fuck if I know. I came up with it just before Lehman died. I'm not really an accountant so hence the Jr and Deputy just sounded really official so it made sense.

Q: Are you a CPA?
A: Hell no. I could probably get a 99 on all exam parts but I don't have the college accounting units and would never subject myself to that fate. I admire those who do but it ain't me. Plus I suck at math.

Q: Why do you care about the Fed so much?
A: In September of 2008 I watched Zeitgeist Addendum and it changed my life. In another life, I dated an accountant who worked for the San Francisco Fed. I didn't know what he did and thought that he worked for the Mint. Or something. Same thing, right? Not really and it wasn't until I watched that film that I cared at all about economics. Around that same time, as most of us know, the financial system we knew collapsed and since I was in accounting anyway, somehow I was right in the middle of it. I got to watch it implode from the inside and that was pretty cool.

Q: Why do we care what you say?
A: I've learned from my days on the fringes of the accounting industry that independence and skepticism are invaluable when it comes to anything life throws at you. That includes what you read on this website. I'm just a tattooed hipster (sans trust fund) who somehow cares about what happens in this country and has an avenue to talk about it. Don't believe the statistics I give you, go do your own research. Just be forewarned that once you go there, there's no real going back. Point being, don't care what I say, figure out your own opinion as mine is mine and I hope you have your own.

Q: How can I help you do what you do? I'm not a writer.
A: First of all, fuck you. We're not all writers. Lucky for me, I get to do what I always wanted to do since I was a young intern at a Dane County (Wisconsin) newspaper at 14. You can donate to my cause (I quit my job to write for a living and bring you this bullshit news as your country collapses - hit the button on my sidebar) or you can send me newsworthy stuff and I'll do my own digging. You can also cheer me on, send me praise, follow me on Twitter, send my site to your friends or tell your grandma that OMG Social Security is screwed and Jr Deputy Accountant said so. I'm always working on a book so when it finally comes out, you can buy it.

Q: Who are you?
A: That's an awesome question. I have an About here and email me with specific questions about who I am, I'd be happy to answer but all you need to know is I'm a mom of a little boy who has to inherit this bullshit and lucky for both of us, I figured it out before it was too late. And despite how it may appear, I am actually not from somewhere inside the mix. My ruling planet is Jupiter, my favorite food is mayonnaise and I'm addicted to coffee.

Q: What does TLP mean?
A: I found TLP when I was, um, stumbling through the mess that is reporting on central banking and Fed shenanigans. He may not always agree with me but he knows what's important so I let him hang around. He's harmless and knows a thing or two about the news, be nice to him. TLP means "the lazy paperboy" because he used to deliver the news in another life. Lazily. He has some really good old school media tactics but be careful when trying to throw him into new media, he's getting acclimated.

Q: What's up with you and Bernanke?
A: We have the same birthday and for some reason I have his number. As in his card, not his actual number. I sent him a birthday card last year but haven't heard back. Meanwhile, my central banker boyfriend thought it was funny to track down the infamous Bernanke tie to buy and wear when he met me in some airport. Not. What's up with me and Bernanke? I don't know but I can't get off the guy's ass. You like it so why are you asking?

Q: How do I get in touch with you?
A: I get a lot of mail and I try to answer all of it. I love knowing more than the Fed and banks and regulatory agencies are reading me. Do you know something I don't? Am I being an ass? Is there some news-worthy bit I should be on? By all means, fucking tell me, asshole. Leave me a comment, send me a tip, tell me to shut the fuck up. I don't care. And if you want to bitch out TLP, he has his own e-mail. I'm not responsible for what that motherfucker does on my website.

Q: What is "I have absolutely no knowledge of anything remotely like what you just described" from? It sounds familiar.
A: Bernanke said it to Ron Paul when Paul questioned him about the Fed funding Iraq or something like that. Bernanke's the same guy who said "I will have to get back to you on that" in testimony to Congress around the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch debacle. Paying attention is fun as fuck, highly recommended. To date I don't think Bernanke has gotten back to them on that.